Scribble Companion Pro 2.2

Source:Creative Dreaming

CAUTION: THIS APP IS ONLY FOR TABLETS WITH SCRIBE TECHNOLOGY! There is a lite version of this app to test compatibility.

Scribble Companion Pro has been designed specifically for the HTC Flyer. I’m a full time college student and while using the notes app for the HTC Flyer I didn’t like the keyboard always popping up. This is a very simple application designed to complement the current stylus applications. I made this for myself and found it to be useful so I decided to share with everyone else in hopes that they would too. It has 3 different paper styles currently, note pad, drawing, and graph paper. Includes 9 different colored papers to write on. Last you can select an image from your SD Card. Click the pen while the app is open then begin writing!

If you would like to see updates or additions to the app please feel free to email me at

Your Input can make this better!

Last Updated:2011-09-19 00:05:02
File size:89KB
OS:Android 2.3.3 and up

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